Portneuf International Linen Biennale 2017

Series : Lexical Fieds

Titles inspired by poet Louise Warren.

La matière du lieu (A matter of place)
Une page raturée devient un amas de branches coupées (A page crossed out becomes a piles of twigs)
Paysage au sol (Landscape on the ground)

Project description

Gone unnoticed : the fabric language

A response to place. To plough, to weave, to write. Three actions linked by a back and forth motion. Three actions that find their root in a shared vocabulary.

Three actions with lexical fields intimately tied. Text, textile, page, paper, line, thread, to read, link, outline, texture. They contribute to the fabric language metaphor.

My weavings are the material traces of these correspondances.



Paper, steel, flax stalks, flax stow


Handwoven, corduroy

Dimensions in centimeters (each)

L 109 x H 97 x P 38