Motifs à dire. Serie : Les greffes

The Greffes series (Grafts) is composed of diagonally braided sculptures, a traditional basketry technique.
Braided from narrow strips of paper, I have developed a technique of adding extensions colored with Indian ink. These extensions, which I call grafts, have the particularity of keeping the braided patterns intact, something impossible on a classic basic braiding. Indeed, the two color patterns called factitious effects keep their rhythm only on the surface of the base and merge on the vertical walls. The addition of grafts allows me the clarity of the pattern on the walls.

The sculptures that result from this research are presented in duos.
The two-part baskets are seemingly communicating vessels. On closer inspection, one notices that they are divided by a wall in the center.

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Project details


Handmade flax paper, abaca paper, India ink, acrylic sheets



Dimensions in centimeters