Julie Bénédicte Lambert weaves paper sculptures. She uses paper threads to construct a page, one row at a time. The structure thus created constitutes a surface both rigid and flexible that the artist can meticulously shape into form. The resulting tridimensional textile emerges with a singular intimacy.

For the creator, fabric immediately conjures a certain sense of composition, whether concrete as the criss-crossing of interwoven threads or abstract as our spoken language.

The metaphors with fabric are common. Whether you refer to the “threads of thought” or to our “social fabric”.  There are also many similarities between a page and a weaving. To her, weaving is an allegory of our way of thinking. These multiple interconnections have led her to the use of paper as a medium to symbolize the written language. She imagines the organized words on paper as interwoven threads. And her ideas touching like the edges of a folded paper.

Her personal language, appeasing and abstract, reveals a formal quest inspired by the fibre and the restrictions it generates.

Made by hand

This short video is in french only… It was shot in my Montreal studio. I explain a few of my ideas, the slowness of the weaver’s work and how my creative process benefits from it.